Illustra Flex Gen4
Flex Gen 4 Dual Sensor Camera
Illustra Flex Gen4 PTZ
Pro Gen4 Corner Camera
Illustra Pro Gen4 20MP/32MP Motorized Multisensor
Illustra Flex Gen4 Mini-Domes
Illustra Body Worn Camera

Tyco Illustra Solutions

With an abundance of video surveillance cameras and recording solutions on the market, choosing the ideal combination for specific applications can be a daunting and time-consuming task for consultants, system designers, installers, system integrators and end-users.

We have highlighted which Tyco branded products can be integrated to provide high performance, robust and cost-effective solutions for some of the more common applications and environments where video surveillance is being utilised.

Illustra Pro Series

Premier performance security solutions

Pro Gen3 Mini-Domes

The third generation of Illustra Pro Mini-Domes offers smart technologies, integrated IR, application profiles, and simplified configuration capabilities to maximize uptime and video surveillance resources.

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Illustra Flex Series

The next generation of adaptable security systems

Illustra Flex 2MP IR PTZ

Packaged in a bubble-free, environmentally sealed, and vandal-resistant design, the Flex IR PTZ maximises video quality at any tilt angle.

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Illustra Essentials Series

Quality meets simplicity
for economic deployments

Essentials 2MP

The Illustra Essentials 2MP Bullet camera offers a range of options for video encoding, resolution, and quality features to fulfil security operators expectations, all while maintaining a lower price point.

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Illustra Standard Series

Versatile, scalable and smart solutions
to meet diversified needs

Standard A Series
4MP Starlight Bullet

The A series 4MP starlight bullet camera offers high-resolution image and advanced video intelligence analytics for complex enterprise-level deployments.

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