Automatically analyze captured video

Illustra powerful video intelligence analytics automatically analyze captured video and alert users of specific motion detected activities. Available on the Illustra Pro 2, 3 and 5 megapixel mini-dome IP camera series, Illustra creates a cost-effective solution for onboard video analytics without the need for a dedicated analytics server.

  • Benefits of Video Analytics

    • Automatically detect and notify security personnel of suspicious events
    • Streamline security operations to see relevant video evidence immediately
    • Minimize search time with configured video analytic alarms
    • Save expenses and network load with intelligent analytics on the edge
    • Choose from nine analytic alarms including:
      • Object detection
      • Abandoned/removed
      • Direction
      • Linger
      • Dwell
      • Enter/exit
      • Crowd
      • Queue
    • Configure up to 3 analytic rule types to trigger at once
    • Compatible with American Dynamics VideoEdge recorders and exacqVision for easy configuration

  • Ideal Security Applications

    Illustra analytics are flexible and configurable for numerous real-time or forensic applications including increasing customer service levels, providing real-time insights in to key performance indicators (KPIs), rationalizing staff levels, notifying operators of objects moving the wrong way, entering into secure areas or packages left unattended, crowds congregating or individuals loitering.

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