IP Camera video noise reduction

Low Light IP Camera Technology

UltraVision technology highlights the Pro mini-dome camera’s ability to perform at a new level in the most difficult light conditions. UltraVision allows the camera to effectively capture high quality color video in the darkest environments. The Illustra 2MP mini-dome will maintain color video well below 1 lux.

  • Benefits of UltraVision Technology

    The Illustra Pro 2MP mini-dome camera utilizes a high sensitivity low noise CMOS progressive sensor, with 2D noise reduction. This controls the threshold and strength of a low pass filter to keep the detail while providing noise filtering.

  • Ideal Applications

    This technology is most useful in applications such as indoor and outdoor parking lots, indoor warehouses, dark areas of retail establishments and alleyways. With UltraVision technology, the Illustra mini-dome provides more color video detail for users to more quickly identify people and objects of interest in dark areas. With the 100 db wide dynamic range and noise reduction combined with UltraVision low light technology, the Illustra Pro mini-dome produces exceptional video quality.

    View the Illustra camera featuring UltraVision low light technology.

    Pro 2MP Mini-Dome Camera

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