Sharp, crisp, and clean videos without the unnecessary effects other cameras produce

Video noise occurs in darker environments where video sensors struggle to capture details. Video noise degrades the image but the real problem is that it requires much more storage space.

Video noise can cost you between 25-75% more storage space.

Video noise can also cause false motion detection and waste additional storage space. Illustra Flex cameras offer the ability to adjust video noise with a slider offering up to 255 increments.

  • Noise consumes space

    Noisy images are bigger images, and bigger images are costly to store.

    The increased detail that noise adds to a captured image significantly increases your saved file sizes. Illustra Flex’s advanced 3D Noise Reduction can reduce file sizes between 25% to 75%, while still maintaining a clean, detailed image.

  • Noise kills detail

    Noise can cover or even take the place of actual details, and can transform a recognizable element into just a block of random pixels. Illustra Flex’s 3D Noise Reduction can mean the difference between a legible license plate, an identifiable face, or more.

  • Noise triggers motion

    Noise can be misunderstood by a camera, and can trigger motion-activated recording. This wastes server storage space, and company resources when staff have to check unintended noise-related recordings.

    Illustra Flex cameras can help cut down unintentional motion detection events by removing noise, leaving just your intended scene.

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